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Telsa To Bring Back Smaller-Battery Model S


Telsa is reviving its Model S 60, which will also be priced less then the one the company discontinued in 2015. The new version of the Model S 60 kilowatt-hour version will cost about $66,000 and will be able to drive for approximately 208 miles each charge.

Telsa Motors Inc. recently grabbed over 300,000 order deposits for its up-and-coming Model 3 vehicle, which was also priced lower in cost. Deliveries for the Telsa Model 3 will begin later in 2017, starting at a $35,000 price tag.

Perhaps the change is thanks to consumer feedback. Drivers have let the auto company known just how much their EVs put a dent into most wallets, even the Model S; as the EV now sells for over $100,000, especially when all the options, bells, and battery whistles are packed into the car.
As Telsa recently revealed in a statement, the company acknowledges that they have heard from many potential clients who would like to purchase the car, but could possibly only afford the vehicle at a lower price tag. Telsa will be adding a Model S 60, as well as a 60D (with the ‘D’ referring to all-wheel drive).

With the revised release of the Model S 60, this marks the least expensive Telsa vehicle, in its EV line up. While the 60D will start at $71,000, both Model S 60s will come with Autopilot function.

The state of Colorado recently passed a bill that offers Telsa clients a credit of $5,000 when it comes to buying electric cars; which marks the best state incentive in America, currently. Add in the federal credit of $7,500 and those in the state of Colorado could potentially nab a Telsa Model S 60 for as low as $53,500; prior to fees, taxes, and titles. The company’s initial 60 kWh vehicle, launched in 2012, had a starting price of $69,900.

If the price tag doesn’t entice you, maybe the newer features will; with Telsa promising that the updated Model S 60s will offer 0-to-60 in a little over five seconds, and a new front fascia design. You can check out this interesting comparison that MSN displayed against the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt, for even more quick details and features.

Telsa states it will create about 80 t0 90 thousand EVs this year, with a grand total over 500,000 by the year 2018; with most of these vehicles being Model S ones. In Q1, Telsa made 14,820 cars, with 12,851 being Model S, and the remainder, Model Xs.