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Telsa Cancels Model X Order For A Customer


Remember the old saying, “the customer is always right”? Telsa may be changing the views on this idea. While the internet is a great resource to help consumers see views on products and services they might be interested in; it seems that it can equally be the downfall for any customers who may be looking to purchase items from a company that they may have not written to highly about in the past. Which is what has happened to a client, looking to purchase a Telsa as of late. The popular company that currently manufactures premium brand electric cars recently decided it was not worth their efforts to sell one of their vehicles to a customer.At least that is what Stewart Alsop is claiming.

The venture capitalist states that the auto manufacturer recently cancelled a Model X SUV order he had made, due to an internet post he wrote on the site Medium, putting down Elon Musk, Telsa’s CEO, regarding a recent Model X event that took place last September; in particular, for the tardiness of the event (it began two hours late), and for not having food at the launch. is a website with articles of differing perspectives, including a platform where author’s can evaluate companies, products, and services. While Alsop’s stream might be a little criticizing, it can also provide a platform for the proverbial ‘buyer to beware’. Still, if you are going to put down a company, would it make sense to purchase products from them? This seemed to be Telsa’s point of view, where the company simply decided to reject his order, to save any further troubles, and criticisms.

MSN reports that the Model X currently backed up, and not on schedule, Telsa may not be overly concerned with one missing vehicle order, and one customer lost.