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Telsa CEO Believes Full-Vehicle Automation Is Two Years Away


Things are moving fast and furious when it comes to the world of self-driving cars. Telsa’s CEO Elon Musk recently spoke at Ted Talk. Among the topics? The company itself, their semi-truck hitting the market, and fully driverless cars. While Audi just revealed plans around a level-3 self-driving car, the A8, set for production soon, Telsa’s plans around autonomous vehicles seem a little more aggressive.

CNN advised that while the company’s cars currently have Autopilot hardware, which helps to offer feedback centrally when it comes to controlling the drive, most believe that second-generation cars would have the E technology needed to bring on level-5 self-driving capabilities, sans a hardware upgrade. When the CEO was asked about fully driverless cars (level 5) and their production, Musk stated a timeline of two years … that’s 24 months, folks! Which means that Telsa’s CEO is seemingly optimistic that by 2019, cars will be on the market with the ability to drive on their own.

Still, does this mean that self-driving cars will be available for sale at that point in time? Vehicles equipped with this type of technology is one thing, still they may have to pass through regulators and testing before they hit the market. Stanford has gathered a through items list of state legislation that reviews how differing each state’s governments are across America. So, from a regulatory perspective, there is still work needed around this.

Still, Musk went on to say that his company is on its way to finish a full-on autonomous trip to New York from Los Angeles – no driver needed at all – by the end of this year. It’s important to note, this would be a test trip to review roadways and the car’s ability to adapt to changes when it comes to environment against the new system. After that test, Telsa will be able to offer a timeline on the readiness around this technology for the public.

Regulations are one thing, but it does certainly seem the industry is steadily moving towards a new chapter in the story of automobiles and technology, and the name of that new chapter is sure to called ‘Fully Self-Driving Autos’.