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Tesla Adjusts Base Price (And More) To Model X & S

Tesla continually makes the news when it comes to the auto sector, and recently the company made waves by updating its online design studio as it relates to the company’s Model S and X; with the most interesting changes revolving around base prices for both cars.

While most of the cars went up in price, some did go down; with some options now standard, and others being taken away. According to Tesla communications, most of these changes were incorporated to “simplify product offerings” to therefore enhance customer experience. More information on the price changes for Model S and X, below:

• Model S 75D base price of $78,000 (an increase of $1,000)
• Model X 75D base price of $84,000 (an increase of $1,000)
• Model S 100D base price of $96,000 (a decrease of $500)
• Model X 100D base price of $99,000 (a decrease of $500)
When it comes to the European markets, starting prices for Model X and Model S have increased 1000€ for their 75D models, and the 100D variations remained the same price point. Additionally, a number of options around interior have been altered, with three choices for most of the models. Details include:
• Standard option as all-black Premium interior
• White, Cream and Black Premium interiors offered at $1,500 (a decrease from the previous $3,300 price tag)
• Black Textile has been eliminated from the options
• All black material with figured ash and dark headliner; Cream premium material with oak and light headliner; and White premium material with dark ash and dark headliner are now offered.

Other changes to this lineup include two standard interior options for Model S and Model XP100D versions, which are: all-black ventilated and carbon fiber as one, and white and black ventilated and carbon fiber as the other.

In terms of other interior changes, Inside EVS reported that the rear-facing child seats have been removed from the Model S, as Tesla recommends those who are interested in these options may want to look at their bigger vehicle option, the Model X, geared to families. The 21″ Black Arachnid Wheels have been eliminated from the online configurator for Model S; however, customers can order this during an aftermarket product choice. The glass roof is only available on the Model 3, with the Panoramic Sunroof gone. The 72-amp onboard charger will only be available now within markets that are single phase when it comes to Model S, with others only having access to the 48-amp charger.

Lastly, the carbon fiber spoiler will be on the standard option for Tesla


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