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Tesla Car to Drive Itself Right to Your Door


Technology is absolutely amazing in 2016; maybe not as far as to say the cartoon the “Jetsons” thought it would be like now, but it’s definitely getting there. You’ve all seen those infamous Google cars that drier themselves by now; and the Tesla Motor company is in the midst of creating a feature that is quite similar to those lines on their models.

The Tesla group has created a feature called “Summon”. Which is self-explanatory in the meaning that it will allow the owner of the vehicle to “summon” it to them. Basically the feature will allow you to request the vehicle to come to you, and even open or close your garage door at home. Currently, the feature is preferred to only be put to use on private property; equating the car will only move a few hundred meters, but that isn’t where the development of this cool feature will end.

Tesla reports their AutoPark feature that was released last year was a success and that the Summon feature will operate similar to that. You will have the ability to ask your car to function through an app on smartphones, which will be totally necessary when in later years you’ll be able to request your car from a large distance away.

According to IEEE Spectrum, the Tesla cars will be able to drive themselves all the way across the country within just two short years. In New York and your car is in Atlanta? No problem, the Tesla feature will allow the car to drive itself all the way from Atlanta to New York. Will these massive techy features actually be permitted on the roads in the states? Who knows, but they have until 2018 to try their hardest to get it to pass!