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Tesla Gets Some Competition With Porsche’s First All-Electric Car

Porsche recently decided to unveil its first all-electric sports car, the new Taycan, in Niagara Falls. With the Falls churning out 2.5 million kilowatts of hydropower, the location proved to be quite symbolic, and give a nice little snapshot of what this new vehicle is all about.

But, according to the LA Times, can the Taycan give Tesla a run for its money? According to Porsche, over 20,000 of the new all-electric car has been ordered, and the plans right now are to produce about 40,000 units annually; with customer delivery commencing in California this December. 

And it could really have Tesla shaking in their boots. After all, the car touts 0 to 60 in about three seconds, with a range that is approximately 240 miles. With two models available, Turbo and Turbo S, the base price for the Taycan range between $150,000 to $185,000, and there are rumblings that a less powerful single-motor version of the car is in the works that will cost sub-$100,000. Right now, the Taycan could give the Tesla Model S a run for its money, as sales hit a high in Q4 of 2018 for four-door sedan, and has since declined. Having said that, the Model S still outperforms the all-electric Porsche, with a range of 345 miles, hitting zero to 60 in 2.4 seconds, plus costing about $100,000 to $120,000. 

Still, the look and “new toy” feel of the Taycan can’t be shook. The interior of the sports car is sleek, with a dashboard that fits three to four touchscreens; plus, an emphasis on an engaged and active driving experience, versus automation is what dominates.

While the Taycan is all-electric, the expensive sports car market is a small one, with 0.1% of these types of cars sold in America. Therefore, even if car enthusiasts are wowed by the vehicle, and 40,000 are sold annually worldwide, Taycan might prove to be a leader in the industry, but may not provide massive profits to the brand. As it stands now, Porsche garners most of its revenues from the Macan crossover and Cayenne SUV. Interestingly enough, the next all-electric vehicle on the horizon for the company is the Macan crossover.

The Taycan, which was not only introduced in Niagara Falls, but simultaneously in China and Germany as well, will have a two-speed transmission, along with a higher gear for cruising on the highway, which, according to the company, will boost range and efficiency.

But, will it be a success? From the look of the car, its features, and power, it seems so; however, at the end of the day, only time will truly tell.


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