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More Tesla Woes As Cars Shipped Without Key Parts


Tesla makes the news once again! And not good news either. As the company continues to report delays in production for their Model 3 due to a ‘bottleneck’ issue, reports have surfaced indicating that many of their vehicles have been shipped in the past without key items within the car, including seats and digital displays.

Jalopnik recently revealed that the company is known for having unorthodox production methods and it seems the issue is around the fact that parts are sent to the dealers, who assemble the car before sending it to clients; versus the vehicle rolling off the line completed.

Which raises an eyebrow or two around the idea as to whether or not these cars are being checked sufficiently before being delivered to clients.

A spokesperson for Tesla relayed in a statement that this production method differentiates them from their competition in a positive way. Other auto manufacturers might not change their vehicles until at least a year, whereas Tesla is always looking to improve and update their hardware and designs. The statement went on to say that this means the company will occasionally send new certified items for a car to dealer as these parts have been upgraded after the vehicle was shipped. The spokesperson added that this may seem unfamiliar to some people, but the method has worked well in the past, not only for the company, but clients as well; as they know that Tesla will do everything they can to make their vehicles better and add value for their customers, anyway they can.

While there are still massive production delays for the Model 3, starting at a cool $35,000 price tag, the company has recently stated that they are hoping production is ramped up to 5,000 cars weekly, by March of 2018.