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Tesla’s Goal Is To Produce 500,000 Vehicles Yearly, By 2018


The popularity of Telsa vehicles is increasing by the day, and as such the demand for these cars is growing to. That is why the company recently announced that it has a goal of producing 500,000 vehicles yearly, by 2018; which is a number that happens to be two years ahead in scheduling, then originally expected. Elon Musk, CEO of the company, also teased recently that Telsa may reach a million units by the time 2020 hits.

Could this be wishful thinking or aggressive goal-making; as Telsa sits at just below 100,000 vehicles currently, according to The Car Connection and Green Reports.

MSN reports that maybe a bit of both. This plan’s foundation is set on the upcoming Telsa models that generate higher volumes, such as the Telsa Model 3 (which is being released in 2017), and fourth-generation models being released by the company that will offer customers more affordable pricing.

However, it is not as simple as just placing a number on a piece of paper. Telsa’s manufacturing facility in Fremont, California will require a tremendous upgrade. As such, the company is already as busy as bees with new additions that include upgraded equipment, adding an aluminum stamping press with a higher capacity, as well as growing their staff, and increasing their non-human (robot) staff as well.

It is said that Telsa’s Reno, Nevada “Gigafactory”, aimed at battery packs, is still being built.