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Top Vehicle Colors For 2016


Whether you are talking sports car, SUV, sedan, or pick up; everyone has their preference when it comes to the color of their vehicle. In this day and age, it might seem like customers may be moving away from non-traditional shades when it comes their automobiles, however a recent survey indicates otherwise.

Apparently, white, black, or silver still dominate when it comes to vehicle colors, with 75% of all vehicles made worldwide in 2016 being one of these three colors.

PPG Industries, a global supplier of specialty materials including paint, took on the task of trying to figure out what the most popular colors were in 2016 as it relates to automobiles.
So, who took the top spot?

According to the PPG survey, it was white, with an overwhelming 38 percent of vehicles donning that color, and an increase for white from last year by three percent. Hitting second spot (with a 20 percent gap) is black, at 18 percent. The third and fourth most popular colors for 2016 were silver (at 12 percent) and then grey at 10 percent.

Car owners have a long history of choosing neutral colors when it comes to their automobiles, and 2016 was clearly no exception to past history. Still while white dominated the vehicle market (across the globe) when it came to color, perhaps the most interesting thing the survey revealed was the differing color preferences from each part of the world.

A fine example is the comparison between the North American market versus the Asian-Pacific when it comes to color preferences in 2016. North Americans ranked car colors in 2016 as follows: white (surprise, surprise at 25 percent); black and silver tied second at 19 percent; grey hit third at 12 percent; red and blue tied fourth place at 10 percent.

Meanwhile the Asian-Pacific sector does look a bit different, at: white hit the first spot with almost half of the market at 47 percent; black ranked second, well behind, at 14 percent; natural colors hit the third spot at 11 percent; silver was fourth at 10 percent; and the color red hit the fifth spot with seven percent.

Interesting numbers that yet again, prove worldwide, that we are all alike, yet a little different (even when it comes to automobile colors).