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Toy Chariot, 5,000 Years Old, Found During Dig In Turkey


You may feel like your clunker of a car is ancient, but this news story stemming out of Turkey takes the cake! While digging in a region within the country, archeologist say they found a toy chariot, 5,000 years in age; helping to give us all some insight on how kids took to play back in those times. The item was found as part of an excavation project taking part in the ancient Sogmatar, a city east of Turkey.

It’s also believed that Sogmatar is where Moses fled to when he left Egypt. These digs started in May 2017, within a region which is 50 miles from Şanlıurfa, and archeologists have already found a number of tombs, where one had toys within. This is where the toy horse carriage with wheels was found.

The IB Times reported that archaeologists state that the chariot seems to date to the Bronze Age and might have been made for a child of the city’s administrators or kings. According to one archeologists that is involved in the digs from Harran University in Turkey, the city of Sogmatar was a thriving Pagan area where people were dedicated to Sin, the Moon god. The city had a big mound in the center of it and acted as a large necropolis, where 120 tombs were found during a 2012 excavation.

Interestingly enough, the chariot wasn’t the only toy found during the dig. Since the team began this project they have found 45 tombs, along with three that had not even been opened during the Roman era. One of the tombs revealed the toy chariot, as well as a bird-themed rattle. Proving that not much has changed in the last 5,000 years; babes still play with toy cars and rattles now, as they did back then.