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Toyota RAV4s Being Recalled


For anyone who owns a Toyota RAV4 that was produced from 2005 to 2014, or knows of anyone who owns one, it’s important to read this: the company has recently announced that they have recalled every single RAV4 built over the past 11 years. This comes to a total of approximately 2.8 million cars globally. To add to the RAV4 EVs and RAV4s alike, Japan’s Toyota Vanguards are also part of this recall.

What is the reason behind the recall? The seatbelt it seems. In the event of a frontal accident, there is a potential that the seat belt netting in the rear seating positions could come in contact with a part of the seat cushion metal frame; causing it to cut out, and break apart. The result could mean a risk to safety, should this happen. The recall was initiated due to a fatal crash that occurred in Canada, and an accident in the U.S. that resulted in an injured passenger. Unfortunately, the company cannot confirm at this time if both collisions were linked with the SUV’s defect.

Sadly, MSN reported that this seat belt defect puts the RAV4’s image at risk, as the vehicle has become one of Toyota’s most noteworthy models within the U.S. auto industry as of late. Toyota’s RAV4 has the potential to pass Camry sales (which has been the highest-selling vehicle within the United States since 2002), as well as the company’s best-selling vehicle currently, earning top sales since 2011.

Toyota has committed to reaching out to RAV4 owners directly, who are affected by this recall. The repair on this defect is quite simple, with an installation of a plastic cover over the frame of the seat, to avoid any separation.