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Toyota Recalling Close To 700,000 Cars


More recalls are coming down the pipe and if you own a Toyota C-HR crossover or Prius Plug-In, you may want to read on. The auto company is recalling almost 700,000 of these vehicles due to issues. The 2018 C-HR crossover has issues with its parking brake, while the Plug-In is being recalled due to decreased motive power.

MSN reported that when it comes to the crossover, the recall issue stems from the car’s electronic parking brake that might not correctly engage or disengage after the application is made. If it does not engage properly, this would prompt the car to roll when unattended; if it does not disengage appropriately it decreases motive power and the brakes are strained. The C-HR recalled affects 28,600 crossovers.

Owners of these vehicles will get a mailed notice sometime in the latter part of November, requesting them to return their C-HR to dealers. Once at the dealership, the software within the electronic control unit will be updated.

The Prius Plug-In Hybrid recall affects 39,900 of these cars from 2012-2015 model years. The issue deals with an Electric Vehicle (EV) fuse that could default should the sedan be placed repeatedly in EV mode within high-load circumstances, like driving on long hills. Drivers might be aware of this issue via instrument cluster messages and warning lights. While the vehicle can still be driven, its power will decrease. One situation that drivers could face is that the Plug-In’s hybrid system stops, where the car would lose its motive power. Should this happen on a highway, this could increase chances around a crash.

Owners of these cars will be asked to take their Toyota Prius to the closest dealership. The EV fuse will then be replaced with a new one. Those with the plug-in should get a mailed notice sometime in January.