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Toyota To Run Mirai Super Bowl Ad In LA & San Fran Markets Only


The annual Super Bowl football event may be more known for the incredible advertisements that take place during the break, versus the game itself. Spots are pricey, but for the audience the event garners, the money can be more than worth it. For football fans and spectators alike, Super Bowl adverts offer a great deal of entertainment, with over-the-top spots and celebrities appearances in commercials, where high-name brands look to capitalize on the attention of the vast number of consumers they have watching the game.

Autonews reported that the auto manufacturer, Toyota, is doing something different this year. While they won’t be running a national ad during the event, they will be offering a spot around their Mirai model on a smaller scale to audiences in California.

The car company will run a spot in the San Francisco and L.A. markets this year, showcasing their hydrogen-powered model. The adverts are anticipated to run between breaks in the second quarter and half-time of the big football event. This strategic move certainly makes a lot of sense, considering Mirai is only sold in the state of California.

Titled ‘Daisy’ the Mirai commercial will focus on the environmentally-friendly aspect of the car. The ad will profile the water vapor the car releases to give water to a flower. A Toyota representative stated the Mirai campaign will launch one day after the Super Bowl ad and extend itself all the way until the end of July.

While the Mirai spot is all ready to go, the car company hadn’t planned to air a commercial during the Super Bowl initially. The change in plans was due to the fact that Toyota felt the content for the Mirai add was effective. The brand made the choice to run the add just recently, in the past few weeks. Toyota’s advertising agency, Saatchi and Saatchi LA, were the creative minds behind the commercial.

Nathan Kokes, Marketing Manager for Mirai stated that the Super Bowl will offer a great opportunity to spotlight the vehicle’s fuel cell creativity in two important markets for car: San Francisco and LA. Kokes goes on to note that as Mirai is only offered in California, Toyota is quite excited to share the car’s message with owners of the car and possible future Mirai clients, within the Golden State.

Just last year, the company sold over 1,000 vehicles of the Mirai model.