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Toys R Us Pulls Tonka Truck After A Fire


It’s sort of a good news and bad news situation for parents, children, and Tonka truck lovers alike this holiday season. After starting a fire in the back of a customer’s pickup truck recently, Toys R Us (TRU) has immediately removed a Tonka toy dump truck ride-on from its shelves and online.

Good news, because no else has to experience a blazing fire in the bed of their pickup, car, or anywhere else for that matter – should they purchase the item. Bad news for Tonka, on the cusp of the busiest shopping time for any market sector, not to mention toy manufacturers. Even worse news for any parent who had a child wanting this from Santa or on their Christmas list.

Regardless, Tonka’s Dynacraft Mighty Dump Truck, one of those mini vehicles that kids can enjoy riding on, was aimed to provide 45 minutes of electric run (fun) time, stating it had a top speed of four miles per hour, 12 V battery, and a charging time of only eight hours.

MSN reported that Tonka has stated that there has been a stop-sale on the item as a precautionary measure, but it is important to note the item has not been recalled. An investigation is currently underway to see if any further action is required and what the root cause of the fire was. It’s important to note, that while TRU does not have the item showing on their website, it is still available on Dynacraft’s web page.

The incident occurred the week of Black Friday; the biggest shopping day in the United States, as Americans gear up for the holiday season. Hopefully the cause of the fire can be revealed and rectified, so that the ride-on can makes its way back onto shelves and in time for the Christmas rush.