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U.S. City Fines Having Over Two Cars Parked In Driveway


Car enthusiasts in Minneapolis, Minnesota listen up. Seems that the city has been implementing some crazy car-parking restrictions when it comes to residential areas.

A recent residential car ordinance implemented outlines that cars cannot be parked on unpaved surfaces or in yards on home lots; cars must be parked within the garage or driveway with a hard surface. Moreover, no more than two cars per household unit on a lot can be parked (within said outlines stated above), and vehicles cannot be parked anywhere on a property or else they will be towed.

Sounds crazy for any household with two parents working and driving teenagers at home … any home that may have driving adult relatives living within.

While it may be understandable that rusty cars which sit on a property can be an eyesore for neighbors around them, limiting households to two-car parking regulations might be bordering insanity.
Still, the Trendolizer website reported that the City of Minneapolis is fining households around this ordinance and has been since the beginning of 2017 where they have issued over 275 fines around this parking restriction to date. As per a representative from the city, the ordinance is set in place to ensure that lawns do not turn into parking lots. The zoning code is referred to as 541.450.

According to the ordinance, homeowners will first be sent warning letters and after two of these, fines will be issued. For those families living with two-plus adults, Minneapolis does offer the allowance where two vehicles can be parked in the driveway and others parked in a garage (size and space permitting); so, hypothetically speaking, if a garage could hold two cars, and two additional ones could be placed on a driveway, then a household could have four cars.

But alas, we don’t live in a hypothetical world, do we?

Seems like an ordinance that could be going overboard, especially for a major U.S. city like Minneapolis, or any city for that matter; however, here’s hoping the homes within this area can figure out a way to make it all work.