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UPS Workers Come Together To Purchase Car For Young Colleague


Co-workers can almost seem like family at times, after all, for some people, you tend to spend more time with those you work with then loved ones closest to you. A feel-good story coming out of Alabama shows just how close co-workers can be when a young man was surprised recently, when his UPS colleagues got together to purchase the youth a car for his day-to-day commute to work.

Derrick Taylor, aged 19, began working for the UPS freight center in Oxford about 18 months ago, to help out his mom who was ill. With not a lot of funds left over due to piling healthcare needs and other bills, the youth had no cash to purchase a vehicle, thus resulting in his five-mile hike to and from work, daily. Derrick was too proud to accept any help from his UPS colleagues, regardless of the numerous offers around loans and rides.

But, MSN reported that they still were quite desperate to help out the brave and hard-working young man.

So, what did they do? Well, the team got together and secretly raised funds to buy the youngster a used Jeep Cherokee. The vehicle was bought locally, off a lot nearby.

The young man’s safety instructor, James Williams stated that Taylor is a hard- working man. He went on to note how emotional it makes him knowing how bad Derrick wants to work, that he is willing to walk such a long way daily to make it happen. Williams and his team surprised Derrick and gathered together with a big reveal. Williams told Taylor that the team had some ‘good news’ and explained how everyone came together so that he wouldn’t have to walk to work anymore. Williams added that they wanted him to know how appreciated he was.

Taylor was quite emotional about the gesture, wiping away tears before he went to check out his new ride. Taylor stated he was overwhelmed with happiness as no one had ever done anything like this for him. He added that he is generally not the type to reveal emotions like that; although no one can blame Taylor for his tears of joy.

Now if more individuals could be like those employees at that UPS location, the world would be a better place!