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Use a Dongle Maker to Make an Older Car Function Like a Smart Car


Have you been yearning for a new vehicle but it just isn’t in your budget yet? You and about a million others have the same thought process, but is there something you can do in the meantime to perk up your current ride? There is if technology is the biggest thing you’re missing in your older car!

Tons of smart consumers have discovered the coolest little device ever that can provide you with lots of data that one would obtain with a new car. A smart screen is one feature that most associate with newer cars and trucks. If your car is still packing a cassette player, that alone is giving away the age of the vehicle. Low and behold the dongle makers.

You’re likely wondering “what in the world is a dongle maker”. These are little devices that can be utilized as decoders so to speak to gain similar information that newer cars obtain from their smart screens. The cost of the actual dongle device is around $100 or less depending on the brand and features it has the capability to produce. Fortune reports that not all, but some do have a monthly fee to use cell services, where others have the ability to operate on Bluetooth.

These techy tools have the ability to advance your driving habits to be more fuel efficient, to tell you when you’re breaking too hard, and they can even come with the hilarious habit of beeping at you if your driving habits seem to be a nuisance. You know the drivers that you sit next to and hope you aren’t going to be involved in some form of accident, or wish they could just lighten up on the brake pedal? This is the best gift ever for those people in your life!

Some of the dongle makers also can allow parents to list themselves as coaches to check up on their child’s driving skills and progression. Once the teenage driver begins to drive well, the feature awards the driver with good marks for habits such as smooth breaking. A pretty cool incentive for kids wanting to earn more time driving around alone with their friends.