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Vin Diesel Hints The Fast Film Might Be In NYC


Vin Diesel recently teased on his Instagram account that the next Fast and Furious film may take place in New York City. The actor, who played Dominic Toretto in the franchise, posted an image recently with the movie’s logo across the NYC skyline, with the Empire State Building sitting on the right of the picture.

Through the Instagram post, Diesel also provided a teaser on the date the film is being released. While the image posted claims the movie will hit theatres April 2017, Diesel had once claimed the film’s debut would take place on April 14, 2017, during a speech to an audience attending a Universal Pictures’ CinemaCon in April 2015. No exact reason behind why the date has been (or would be) broadened to a month within 2017, rather than a specific date as originally specified. However, Diesel’s Instagram post also sheds some light on the next film’s title.

MSN reports that fans of the film will note the ever-increasing evolution of the series as it relates to titles. 2 Fast 2 Furious, followed the original The Fast and The Furious, which then became Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. The fourth movie was simply titled Fast & Furious, followed by Fast Five. Fans then saw the sixth edition move to Fast & Furious 6, with the seventh movie simply entitled, Furious 7. Interestingly enough, as per Diesel’s social media post, the film now seems to simply being going with Fast 8.

It’s important to note, that while Diesel does play the lead character within the Fast & Furious franchise, he is not the official rep for Universal. Still, this should be an interesting concept, if the film does take place in the Big Apple; the Fast movies in the past have taken place in Abu Dhabi, Rio, Tokyo, London, and Los Angeles.