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Volkswagen Offers Warning Around ‘Air Filter Flu’

Car companies are continuing to focus on the well-being of drivers both outside and inside their vehicles, and one place where huge waves are being made happens to be cabin filtration; however, automaker Volkswagen (VW) recently threw out a warning that air flow may not be all that fresh.
In fact, records in the United Kingdom reveal that summer 2018 hit a 12-year high as it relates to pollen numbers, and while vehicle cabin filters do get rid of the dust, bacteria, and pollen, trapping these particles can backlog filters where they are rendered ineffective as time wears on. This then subjects drivers and passengers alike to what VW is dubbing ‘air filter flu’, as harmful substances aren’t then filtered out.

Autofile reported that NHS and other health authorities are now advising that air filtration within cars get regular updates.

Trevor Hodgson-Phillips, head of service and parts, VW Commercial Vehicles chimed in on this stating that the company is advising owners of vans to replace old air filters before summer hits, in order to decrease hay fever, as well as replacing blocked filters before winter. He went on to note that this is an example of easy and cost-effective maintenance to keep vans and drivers on the road.

VW Commercial Vehicles are now focused on the quarter percentage of the company’s van drivers that say they are operating with ‘dirty’ filters. The brand’s vans now have multi-stage filters where the first layer blocks large soot and dust particles, and the second builds up a wall around the tiny fungus spores and pollen that can lead to health issues should they find their way to driver and passengers’ lungs. A charcoal micro-filter decreases gaseous pollutants and smells, and assists in reducing grime build-up that can occur inside of a car’s window glass.

As we on the cusp of winter, VW encourages replacing cabin filters as drivers get their cars ready for winter driving during fall tune-up to ensure good visibility and clean air flow. Every little bit of maintenance helps with driving, and ensuring the health and well-being of those inside the vehicle.


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