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Volkswagen Tests Self-Driving Parking Functions


Currently, Volkswagen is testing its autonomous cars around parking on their own. This is taking place at the Hamburg Airport, and via a car park map and function, Porsche, Audi, as well as VW cars are finding their way within the lot to park on their own.

Pictorial markers placed within the car park, which is multi storied, is what the cars are being given to navigate around; however, the function can ultimately be used in any parking situation. The feature will be available for first clients within selected multi-story parks, as early as the beginning of the next decade. reported that the self-driving parking function is currently being demonstrated publicly in Hamburg for the first time, has left the lab, and is in the advanced levels within development. It is being reported that the function will also be ready on some VW cars at the beginning of the next decade, as well.

Within the initial stage, autonomous parking will be an option in select multi-level car parking lots with traffic flow that is exclusive (i.e. areas of the parking lot not accessible to the public). The following stage would include mixed traffic (i.e. autonomous-moving cars in areas with other cars and people); with the final stage being vehicles that park on their own, within all car parking lots, as well as public ones.

Cars with the autonomous parking feature will showcase an active surroundings recognition feature where the vehicle can recognize things and react appropriately. Cars will be equipped with a sensor system, which includes radar, cameras, and ultrasound. All data is sent to a central control unit within the vehicle.

When it comes to multi-level lots, the vehicle with this self-drive parking function uses a map to drive on its own and find an empty parking spot; where pictorial markers within the parking lot offer cars with a means around orientation.

Parking can be quite stressful, whether you are looking for a spot, or trying simply to fit into a spot, so this new function on autonomous cars might prove to be a handy one.