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Volvo Makes Exciting Electric Announcement


Volvo recently announced its plans in producing plug-in hybrids throughout all their models; creating a new selection of electric cars, as well as a new electric model, which should be released by 2019. Volvo is hoping that these new plug-in hybrids will produce approximately 10% of the company’s car sales by the end of 2020.

Hakan Samuelsson, president of Volvo, noted that the company believes that now is the time for electric cars to stop being a niche within the sector, and enter the mainstream industry. The company also has a belief that these cars provide consumers with the best combination of convenience, range, and efficiency.

MSN reports the company will be creating plug-in hybrid versions for Volvo’s 90 series and 60 series cars, which is already starting with T8 Twin Engine All-Wheel Drive plug-in XC90. The next step is to release an electric S90 premium sedan, set for 2017, which will replace the S80. Then the V90 wagon (taking the place of V70) will go plug-in hybrid, with an electric Twin Engine with front-wheel drive following.

Volvo plans to also introduce a brand new 40 series, which is based on its Compact Modular Architecture (CMA). Currently only in Europe, the V40 hatchback is inspired by the Global C Platform by Ford, which can be seen in the Escape, C-Max, Focus, Lincoln MKC, and Transit Connect.

Last but not least, Volvo is expected to release an all-electric car by 2019. Volvo’s Senior Vice President for Research and Development Dr. Mertens notes the company has approximately 40 years of electrification experience, and has learnt a tremendous amount when it comes to battery management and delivery the best of the best when it comes to range per kilowatt, within the industry. He also states that with improvement in battery technology, coupled with costs around plug-in hybrids decreasing, there is no question around the public’s acceptance when it comes to electrified cars.