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Volvo To Take Full Accountability For Self-Driving Cars


Volvo has already stated they are looking to eliminate injuries and death by 2020, when it comes to their new self-driving cars. The automobile manufacturer recently took another giant leap in this regard, promising to take full responsibility when it comes to self-driving car crashes, when their vehicles are riding in autonomous mode.

In a recent speech, Hakan Samuelsson, Volvo’s president, asked U.S. regulators to come together and work out legal liability problems that could arise as it relates to accidents that involve autonomous vehicles. Prior to the speech, the company released an official statement of Samuelsson’s remarks, stating that Volvo would take ‘full liability’ when one of its self-driving vehicles was in autonomous mode; making it the first automaker globally to make this promise. Volvo has stepped up its game, but will other auto manufacturers follow in their footsteps?
Volvo’s president also relayed concerns as it relates to autonomous cars in North America. Samulesson stated that the U.S. is the most progressive country globally when it comes to self-driving cars; a factor that could change if the government doesn’t step in. He notes that America is at risk of losing their leadership position, as there is a lack of Federal guidelines when it comes to the testing and certification of these vehicles. This lack of a concrete set of rules makes it difficult for automakers to roll out credible testing to create cars that can meet the standards of differing guidelines throughout all 50 states in the U.S.

MSN reports that Volvo is quite close in the self-driving vehicles race. The company presented a demonstration of autonomous cars to provide a view of how drivers and automobiles will interact in the future. This is only one section of Volvo’s Drive Me project that will place 100 self-driving XC90 cars on Swedish roads by 2017.