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VW Beetle Could Get A Rear-Wheel-Drive EV Spin On It


The Beetle is one of Volkswagen’s oldest cars, which happens to still be on the market today. The current model was released in 2011, and sadly sales are on a downslope, leaving a big question mark on whether an updated vehicle will be available anytime soon.

Well, apparently the company has planned to cease production of the current Beetle model, but as per a new report, the car could get a recharge in the form of an electronic version, via VW’s Modular Electric Baukasten (MEB) architecture.

Motor 1 recently revealed that the company’s chairman, Herbert Diess, recently stated that the decision on EV cars will be based on emotional concepts needed. He added that if they decide on an EV Beetle, it would be closer connect to the car’s history as it might be a rear-wheel drive car. VM’s chairman’s statement referred to the idea that the original model of the car had a rear-mounted boxer engine offering rear-wheel drive. As per Diess, the flexibility of the MEB design provides any direct successor of the current model of car to switch back to RWD, offering a variety of advantages when it comes to packaging.

He added the company has a good chance via the electric option. He noted that you provide nicer options as such: front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive. Diess also stated the company has quite a flexible platform.

In October, Diess stated the company might also bring back another VW classic as an electric-utility vehicle, the Kubelwagen.

Bulli, I.D. Buzz, and Budd-e concepts are in the works as production versions and are also on the agenda to be launched as VW’s first retro-inspired electric vehicle. The debut is set some years from now, for 2022, and the model will provide autonomous capabilities at Level 3 standard.

As for the EV Beetle, is seems very plausible that this old classic will have a new-age spin to it, sometime in the future. Only time will tell.