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Who’s Interested In A ‘New’ Porsche 911?

Whether you are talking about a Porsche 959 or Ferrari Testarosa; 80s supercars are getting their fair share of attention from collectors, as values seem to be increasing in recent years. However exotic cars aren’t only peaking people’s interests, as many have their sights set on the Porsche 911s; with some models available, looking as new – and driving as well – as the day they were first released.

If you on the market for a car such as this, a fine example to look at is a current 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera SuperSport coming out of a UK auction house called Silverstone Auctions. With 743 kilometers (461 miles), it has a 3.2-liter flat-six engine, and produces 231 hp. With the Turbo Look Supersport package, the Porsche is Grand Prix White on the outside, and has a Can-Can Red interior; and equipped with Turbo model brakes, and a stiffer suspension.

This Turbo component added to the price of the car by approximately 27,000 Deutschemarks; as it was originally purchased in Germany in 1986 for 113,536 DM through Paul Greier Porsche. The Porsche spent the next 29 years of its life, living on easy street. Autoweek reports the popular car received its initial service in the summer of 1987, at 382 kilometers (half of what it is now), at the dealership it was bought at. The next summer it received minor maintenance work, and the odometer read 400 kilometers; by the summer of 1990 it only had 422 kilometers on it. As 1992 approached and 160 more kilometers added on, this incredible machine was retired.

It was reanimated and recommissioned for £4,120. UK Porsche specialist Autofarm took a chance on the Porsche and cleaned it up. While Silverstone Auctions hasn’t provided a figure estimate for the car; similar examples of this model have gone for the upper $50,000 spectrum in recent years.


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