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Widower Uses Social Media To Find Dead Wife’s Stolen Mustang


Social media has been used to reunite long lost family members, friends, and exes. Still, Facebook recently ‘saved the day’ for a man in Texas, who created a post in hopes that he would find his stolen 2011 Ford Mustang GT. The vehicle had was built by him and his wife prior to her passing and had recently stolen; a Facebook post the man created talking about the theft was shared close to 4,000 times and helped lead the way to a tip that cracked the case.

Dwight Sanders was a victim of break-in at his home in Baytown, Texas. The robbers took some keys, a handful of guns, and his beloved Mustang; a car he and deceased wife Dolores purchased and customized over the years before she fell victim to cervical cancer in 2014.

Sanders’ ‘heart dropped’ when he figured out the vehicle was gone, stating it was his last tangible link to his wife’s memory. While police investigated the matter, Dwight decided to hop on Facebook placing pictures of the car and a quick story about the incident. And news spread like wildfire. After 4,000 shares of the FB post, a stranger sent him a message telling Sanders that he had seen the ‘Stang – license plate confirmed – in Magnolia, a small town about 70 miles from Dwight’s house.

Channel 2’s website, Click 2 Houston reported that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to the tip and located Sander’s Mustang GT, hidden on the property of William Deforest, surrounded by items and hidden under a tarp. Interestingly enough, the man had ridden up to where the GT was found, while on a bike, as police were still there uncovering the vehicle. He was detained, with keys to the Ford on him, and thankfully the car was returned to Dwight shortly after.

So, in this day and age where Facebook can be toxic, it can also offer a ton of help. As Sanders puts it, social media can be a wonderful thing. Still, Dwight noted, why the thief left the plates on the stolen car, is beyond him.