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Would You Be Willing To Nap In A Self-Driving Car?


Just how comfortable are you when it comes the idea of self-driving cars? According to a recent UK study, apparently quite comfortable. The revealed that when it comes to autonomous cars, there are those who are skeptical, and those who would actually nap while the car was driving., the leading automobile-buying site in the UK conducted the survey, that revealed about half of the respondents didn’t feel at all comfortable with self-driving; while the other half wouldn’t mind getting some shut-eye while on a drive. The respondents noted the monitoring of blind-spots, as well as the emergency automated braking system in new cars nowadays, as positives that technology can be trusted.

Still, approximately 51 percent stated they would not feel safe in an autonomous car; and 45 percent went as far to say that the idea of the car having all the control when it came to driving was not appealing. The huge concern? Whether or not the car could avoid a crash; with 34 percent stating this. As well, 30 percent of respondents simply claimed they would miss the act of driving.

MSN reported that the survey results went on to reveal that 32 percent of those surveyed would enjoy seeing self-driving cars on speedier roads, like motorways; while about 18 percent would love to use their autonomous cars for city driving. Close to half of the respondents also love the idea of giving up the control of the car, during traffic jams.

We concur. Perhaps rather than road rage, a little road nap would help with that type of situation.