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Wolf Of Wall Street’s Ferrari Testarossa Is Up For Grabs


While Leonardo Di Caprio is surely still reeling from his recent Oscar win, car enthusiasts are currently swooning about a car that is related to another popular film he was in. Directed by Martin Scorsese, some may recall Di Caprio played the lead role in the 2013 movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, chronicling the life of high-profile stock broker Jordan Belfort.

For avid fans of the movie (and cars) out there, this just might be some pretty incredible news: the Ferrari Testarossa, owned by the real Wolf of Wall Street, is now on the market.

The individual selling the automobile states that Belfort purchased the vehicle originally in New York, in 1991. While anyone owing this car would surely want to show it off, as much as possible, Belfort perhaps refrained on this, with a mere 8,000 miles currently on the odometer. With white exterior and interior beige leather seats, the Testarossa seems to be in top-notch condition. To prove it was in fact Belfort’s, the sale includes his address and name on supply invoices, and within the warranty book. The Ferrari even comes with matching luggage to boot, and the individual selling the car states there was a $50 bill found in one of the bags’ lining, within the set.

While Belfort clearly didn’t take his Testarossa on too many road trips, he may have still made a memory or two within the car. As per the listing, the car did take part in a ‘Wolf’ moment; still, the seller will only relay the entire story to the potential buyer of the vehicle.

MSN reports that the Wolf’s 1991 Ferrari Testarossa is up for grabs in Monaco, and the amount the seller is asking for the car is undisclosed.