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Woman Gets Fed Up With Male-Dominated Mechanics, Starts Her Own Female Auto Clinic


In recent news, you can’t really hide from the racial tension, the ongoing debates regarding gender equality, and also gay rights; but what about when it applies to a gender favored work environment? We can walk around virtually any city and find shops that still do things the “old fashioned” way, and many prefer that method of life. This is a tale of one woman that was completely in awe of how small the number is of women that are employed as car mechanics. It had such a profound impact on her that she decided to resign from her career, and open her own shop!

It’s not every day that a successful materials engineer totally jumps ship, and quits her career for an unheard of business plan, but that’s precisely what Patrice Banks was considering. Ms. Banks described herself as someone that previously would prefer to go get a manicure over even thinking about protecting a vehicle worth thousands of dollars. She advised ABC News that instead of doing the logical thing, and getting her oil changed in her car, she would instead go to the salon, but she still felt as if she certainly wasn’t the only person out there putting these routine tasks off.

It was a few years back that she attempted to search for a female mechanic, but not surprisingly, she wasn’t successful with her search. She opted to make an imprint on the industry by starting to take courses at her local college whilst maintaining her engineering career. She took her idea all the way, and earned her diploma in two short years of studying auto tech in great detail. In 2013 she took her idea one step further by opening the “Girls Auto Clinic” which provides classes and consulting for other women. Her goal is to create a resource just for women to not be afraid to take their cars somewhere to learn what prices are fair, and what exactly may be issue with their cars in an ordinarily male industry.