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Apple Partners With Hertz For Testing Autonomous Cars


Self-driving is all the rage in the land of auto manufacturers and technology companies, and there is some big news that has come down the pipeline within the auto industry as of late. Reports indicate that tech giant Apple has plans in the works to lease small fleet cars from the Hertz rental company. Why? Well, it is being said that the two companies have come together in a partnership as Apple has plans on the horizon to test their autonomous-driving technology.

Very interesting developments indeed.

Even more interesting is that when the news hit, shares for Hertz increased by over 13% at $10.82. Meanwhile, Apple shares decreased a smidge.

MSN reported that Apple, famous manufacturer of the iPad and iPhone gadgets is working hard on technology around autonomous cars. This is part of a general initiative when it comes to artificial intelligence.
Still, Hertz has declined a request around commenting on this topic and Apple has not responded regarding a comment request either. So, no further information around this developing story as of yet, and readers will have to stay tuned for any potential updates.

Meanwhile, Waymo, an autonomous-driving vehicle unit at Alphabet Inc. recently revealed a partnership that is similar to that of Apple and Hertz. The company will be collaborating with Avis Budget Group around autonomous-driving support as well as services for maintenance when it comes to self-driving cars within Avis’ fleet.

Some very interesting developments when it comes to the world of self-driving and rental car companies and their fleets. Where will it all end up and will these partnerships become lucrative for both parties? Perhaps the bigger question is when will these tech giant and/or auto companies reach a level of technology where an autonomous car can hit the market, and is safe enough to use on public streets?

Only time will tell.