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2018 Honda Car Lineup

As an auto manufacturer known for its innovative thinking, Honda has a reputation for creating vehicles that are dependable, high-performing, stylish, fuel efficient, and on the cutting edge of auto technology.

If you are in the market to purchase a brand-new automobile or thinking about switching up your current driving situation this year, perhaps you may want to think about Honda and the diverse models they produce, in order to suit the variety of lifestyle needs their customers have.

Below is an overview of this year’s Honda car lineup.


Starting at just over $15,000, the Fit is the perfect Honda auto of choice for first-time new car buyers or those looking for an entry-level vehicle. With a sporty look that has gotten a little sportier in 2018, the Fit offers versatility, impressive fuel consumption ratings, and has the driver-assist technology that many Honda drivers have grown to love.

On the outside, one can’t help but notice the Fit’s new and bold front grille, trimmed with beautiful black garnish. With incredible headlights, fog lights also available, drivers will enjoy the LED turn indicators on both ends of the car that are offered on other Honda models as well. The sportiness continues in the back-end of the vehicle, which includes a lower spoiler, aluminum-alloy wheels, a rear diffuse, and exhaust finisher. One-touch power moonroof is available on these compact cars.

As much as the outside is impressive, we all know that it’s what on the inside that truly matters the most; and drivers can get to that inside quicker with a pushbutton key entry system that the Fit provides, which will only help drivers get where they are going, faster. Stay warm on those cold winter nights with heated front seats, and clutch onto the Fit’s leather-wrapped steering wheel when you are on the go; features that not offer value, but also gives this affordable Honda vehicle a premium feel.

The Fit also showcases something known as the 60/40 Split Second-Row Magic Seats, which features wide rear doors to help with any seating (or cargo) situation a driver might need: whether that be to use the entire back end of the vehicle as a lounging (or sleeping) area; to fill it up with long and tall items to help a friend move or head off to a weekend get-away at the cottage; or drivers can simply fold the seats back up and have lesser storage room, but accommodate extra passengers.

Still, as much as it is about look, Honda is also all about safety. With the Honda Sensing platform on the Fit, all vehicles come with advanced technologies like: Lane Keeping Assist System, Blind Spot Display, Collision Mitigation Brake System, and Adaptive Cruise Control.


Since 1998, the Civic has been one of the best-selling vehicles across the globe, and that is all thanks to the model’s impressive performance, diversity, efficiency, and stunning look. With about two million Civic models sold since its inception, the vehicle continues to evolve over the years and 2018 is no exception to this. With multiple variations of the model available to fit differing lifestyles, the Civic is a perfect blend of sophistication, safety, and comfort. All the Civics showcase Eco Assist, along with, ECON modes to ensure drivers are getting the most bang for their buck when it comes to hitting the open road, without having to hit the gas station along the way.

Civic Sedan

Starting at about $16,799, the four-door 2018 Civic Sedan’s looks offer a little sportiness, with some practicality. Like all the Civics, LED headlights and daytime running lights are available with the Sedan, and fog lights along with a power moonroof (with tilt) is also featured.

Civic Coupe

With an opening price of just over $20,000, the 2018 Coupe provides a stylish exterior, with clean and sleek lines, and a low-slung. Add in LED taillights and a rear spoiler that is taillight integrated, and others will be giving your car a double-take as you cruise to work, home, the cottage, or for a fun night out.

Civic Hatchback

Sporty and bold, the 2018 Civic Hatchback’s price tag starts at over $21,000 and will undoubtedly get noticed while on the road (or even your driveway for that matter). With an aggressive stance, coupled with a body-colored rear roofline spoiler, the car also comes with a chrome finish and dual-center exhaust. Keep all your surroundings under watch with the Hatchback’s rearview camera, that boasts a multi-angle stance.

Civic Si

With a fierce and sharp look, the 2018 Civic Si starts at over $28,000 and is a bold vehicle option for those driver’s that want to stand out. The front grille is gloss black, along with the rear wing spoiler, and the center exhaust finisher. You’ll feel like a rockstar pulling into your driveway in this over-the-top Civic model.

Civic Type R

Racing has always been a main focal point for Honda, and the development of the 2018 Civic Type R re-enforces that ideal. The car is stunning on the road with a racing pedigree background, which boasts front-wheel drive, beautiful suede-effect sports seating in the front, an eye-popping rear wing spoiler, and accented-red piano black aluminum-alloy wheels, at 20”. The Type R starts at a little over $41,000 and is definitely for those Civic lovers out there that want something a little different and bold.


Starting at just over $26,000, Honda boasts a newly-designed 2018 Accord Sedan that encompasses a longer wheel base, wider stance, and dynamic wheels. It’s all about the chrome, with doors, grille, and exhaust finisher all chromed-up, adding a luxurious feel to the already stylish exterior of the Accord. Still, as much as you’ll love looking on the outside, the techy features of the 2018 Accord will make your head spin.

Whether you are Team Apple or Team Android, Accord has you hooked up with their Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, respectively; which connects easily to any smartphone device and displays on the eight-inch Auto System screen within the vehicle. You might not need your phone’s navigation system as all Accords access Honda’s Satellite-Linked Navigation System for drivers via Voice Recognition, which is bilingual.

Still, the 2018 Accord won’t only keep you connected to your work network, friends, and family, safety was also on to of mind when developing this model. The Accord feature a rearview camera (multi-angle) and will give driver’s the heads up via the head-up display (HUD) function that offers useful information from speed limit signs, to speed and navigation, all within a driver’s line of sight.

The Accord also comes in a hybrid variation, starting at just over $33,000, and the company touts that the vehicle just may be the smartest Accord to date. The model is perfect for those who love the Accord, but are also environmentally conscious as well.


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