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$300,000 McLaren Found Crashed & Abandoned In Nevada


There’s life’s little mysteries that have never been solved like if Bigfoot really exists, who really shot JFK, if there are really aliens that live in outer space? Now, there’s another to add to the list: just what happened to the owners of a crashed and abandoned McLaren 720S found in the Nevada desert?

Jalopnik reported that the Nevada Highway Patrol recently tweeted two photos via their Twitter handle regarding a wrecked McLaren 720S, valued at over $300,000. While they focused on road and seatbelt safety within their post, skirting around the issue that the owners of the car weren’t around – or even the fact that the expensive car was found in a pile of metal in the middle of the desert with no one laying claim to the vehicle – the post created some social media buzz.

When all was said and done, social media once again helped determine where the car came from, and it seems that it may have been part of the Corsa Rally West event; a supercar rally, which is not about speed or racing. Which inevitably spurred some jokes about the entire Nevada wreckage Instagram.

Still, the silver-lining in all this is that the driver and passenger of the vehicle apparently did escape the crash without any serious injuries. As per Daily Driven Exotics, the two in the vehicle reached a medical facility with barely any health issues.

Still, one has to question the amount of money someone would have to total a car worth hundreds of dollars, and simply leave it in the middle of nowhere without a care in the world or even a blink of an eye. Thankfully, no one was killed or injured; however, any car enthusiast’s heart would certainly plummet at the sight of a McLaren 720S lying in a heap of nothing.