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Arkadelphia Police Get Hybrids To Save Money And Snag Bad Guys


The Police Department in Arkadelphia, Arkansas traded 10 of their older Crown Victoria police cruisers recently, and upgraded to newer Toyota Camry Hybrids. Have they been happy with the switch? Well, not only have they figured out that they can save some money in the long run with the Hybrids; they have also realized they can capture those bad guys a lot easier now. As the Hybrids have quieter engines, the idea is that this will help officers to sneak up criminals, as well as throw off those speeding, who are looking out for the Crown Vics, versus the new Hybrids. The Camrys will also help the department save some cash, when it comes to fuel.

MSN reported that some officers we’re skeptical, including Don Cleek, veteran officer, who was initially “dead set” against the idea of a Hybrid, as he believed a police vehicle should be a V8, with rear-wheel drive, that can drive through anything; it seems that all it took was a test drive to change everyone’s mind. Police Chief Al Harris also had some doubts, thinking that greener police vehicles might be slower, and smaller than what his department needed. His request for a Chevy Tahoe had been denied, and the city’s manager suggested the Camry Hybrid. Not sure what to expect, after a test drive, Harris was sold.

In general, the police force has found the fuel economy has increased from 12-15 miles/gallon on their old Crown Vic, to approximately 27 mpg when it comes to the Hybrid. There seems to also be a decrease in cost as it relates to maintenances, which will help Arkadelphia save about three percent on their yearly budget. A win-win for both the police department, the city, and residents of Arkadelphia.