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What Auto Brands Were Deemed The Most Reliable?

MSN reports the results were based on CR’s yearly auto brand reliability survey, which is handed to new car owners, asking if anything has gone wrong with their newly purchased automobiles. According to the survey, the top problems to arise with new vehicles are electronic systems, collision warning systems (that either didn’t work at all, or were too sensitive), and setting up the Bluetooth options within the car, from a smartphone device. It’s important to note that CR didn’t only use reliability when it came to ranking auto brands within their survey, it also used user-friendly issues, which most times, has to deal with the electronic devices within the car.

Rounding up some of the most popular choices are:

1. Mazda
2. Subaru
3. Kia
4. Buick
5. Honda

CR also listed the best of the worst, with the top three most unreliable auto brands being: Fiat, Jeep, and Ram (three Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). The sixth spot went to Dodge, and the seventh went to Chrysler.
According to CR’s survey, the top causes of complaints include the infotainment systems, and transmissions.

CR added that Nissan’s mid-level rating was directly due to the flaws with the car’s continuous variable transmissions (CVT). The same goes for Honda, which from fourth place last year, to the eighth spot for this report. CR states that fairly new technologies around transmissions, most of which are bought under the idea that they are fuel-savers – might not be worth the issues behind them. A fine example of this is Mazda’s six speed Sky Active automatic, which is quite efficient and durable, and has helped the brand reach its number four ranking spot on the survey this year.


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