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The Batpod Is Up For Grabs!

Holy motorcycle dream, Batman! The Batpod is up for sale!!!! While replicas of various Batman vehicles are certainly in existence and fairly common for the picking; original or genuine pieces do seem to be a rarity.
If you are a motorcycle enthusiast or movie memorabilia peak your curiosity, you’ll want to read on.

Apparently, when it comes to the Batpod from the recent Batman franchise movie, Chris Corbould and Nathan Crowley only created six versions of Batman’s motorcycle. The good news is, as rare as it is to get your hands on something like this, one of these machines is making its way to an auction sale … and will be up for grabs very soon.
That is, if you have an extra $100,000 or so lying around.

MSN reported that approximately $80,0000 – $106,000 an avid Batman fan can grab one of the real Batpods that was used in the recent Batman trilogy franchise. It is being reported that the motorcycle, which was showcased in both the Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises movies, was most used by the stuntman in the flick, Jean-Pierre Goy.

The bike has some pretty cool features. When talking about the wheels, it has thirty-one-inch racing tires (at both ends), of the Hoosier variety, of course. The fiberglass body and chassis are custom-made. The motorcycle is powered by a Honda 750cc engine. To boot, while the machine guns are not real, the laser target certainly is; and comes with a certificate of authenticity by Warner Bros., themselves.

When does this beauty go up for sale? Mark Tuesday, September 27th on your calendars, Batman fans! The motorcycle will be auctioned off by Prop Store. While you know what you will get for the bike, here’s what it won’t come with: a battery or fuel tank, plus those throttle controls have been disconnected.

Regardless, Batman lovers! This Batpod is not only a piece of cinematic history, you will become the coolest adult in your neighbourhood if you decide to land this crazy cool bike. Of course, a Batman costume is also a much-needed purchase if you score it. After all, you’ll have something cool (and fitting for the occasion) to wear while riding around in it … or taking selfies in your driveway.


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