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CarMax Lot Suffers $2.1M In Damages Due To Brush Fire

Seems like any dealerships worst nightmare, but sadly, a Bakersfield, California CarMax recently watched $2.1 million worth of its vehicles go up in flames (literally), after a brush fire spread throughout their lot. According to eye-witness reports, the incident occurred thanks to a semi-truck dragging on the highway, which sparked flames and then the fire. The dry and hot weather of the area also enhanced the entire situation.

According to witnesses, something a truck was dragging caused bouncing along the road, which resulted in sparks that caught on the grass on fire. Once the blaze began, it spread rapidly along 20 acres before hitting the CarMax lot. When damages were assessed by fire officials it was revealed that 26 cars went up in flames, and an added 60 suffered from smoke damage; however, there is no additional information on how much those 60 vehicles endured, and if they are repairable.

According to a report, a variety of cars were consumed by the blaze, including a Toyota Sienna, Kia Stinger, and Chevrolet Colorado. The CarMax has not estimated its own damages; however, the good news is that no injuries occurred due to the fire. 

Autoblog reported that thanks to the hot weather that Bakersfield has this time of year, temperatures hit 90 degrees that day, which added to fire crew efforts, who helped CarMax evacuate staff as they tried to battle the flames.

As per the California Highway Patrol (CHP), and contrary to what witnesses have stated, they have no accounts around a semi causing the fire. The organization also stated it isn’t looking for a truck that resembles the description currently. 

While it’s hard to confirm what caused the fire, in that area on a hot and dry day, anything is possible. Here’s hoping there is some resolution found around this terrible and unfortunate fire incident.


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