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CEO Thinks Fiat Chrysler Can Help With The Apple Car


Sergio Marchionne, CEO, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) may have once proposed a merger with General Motors, but his latest statement has auto enthusiasts wondering what might come next.

As a self-proclaimed Apple fan, who apparently owns everything Apple makes, Marchionne believes that Apple would benefit from a partnership with Fiat Chrysler. After all, Apple isn’t in the business of making cars, and with the complexities of the automobile industry, he believes that a joint venture to help produce the car the company wants to create, would help Apple out tremendously.

Proclaiming this at the recent Geneva Motor Show, Marchionne notes that he assumes that FCA has the credibility behind it to be a player Apple has looked at. He goes on to state that there are parts of the FCA that would interest Apple. But surely there are other auto companies that the tech giant could turn to? Still, in Marchionne’s opinion, FCA leads the pack. Why?

MSN reports that because, as Marchionne states, he understands the company’s syntax and would work with them on their terms, compared to the idea of expecting them to work on FCA’s terms.

As Marchionne notes, Apple has a certain language, and one needs to be able to speak their language when it comes to partnership. He goes onto to say there are times when auto manufacturers can enter a conversation with some arrogance, as they are the experts in car-making. Marchionne notes that Apple’s syntax is worth more than just the ability to make cars.

Understanding a partner’s products and how to communicate with them is half the battle, and as it seems, Marchionne makes a very viable case as to why Apple should run, not walk, over to the FCA and shake hands on this deal … but will they do it? Only time will tell …