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City of Buffalo Simplifies Traffic Tickets For Local Residents


When you think of trying to keep up with times, does the city of Buffalo ever come to mind? Well, it might soon as they seem to be leasing the way with a new form of creating capital for their city. Everyone knows the process of getting a traffic ticket; you either pay the fine, or you go to court, or do both, some of which causes you to take a day off of work and can be a silly process for a small infraction. Buffalo has founded their very own “Buffalo Traffic Violations Agency” where they will be changing the way tickets are handled, and often to become more convenient to those paying them.

What could possibly make getting a ticket any better? Not having to take a day off of work to go to court for starters, but you can also expect to get the whole process over with a heck of a lot quicker. WGRZ News reports the new traffic agency will be located
within the city hall building, inside room 115. It will be manned by former judges that are currently retired, clerks, and prosecutors just as you would find in any other ordinary courtroom. They will have the opportunity to adjudicate these tickets within the city limits, versus having to go through the state, essentially cutting out the middle man.

This change will obviously not only simplify the process, but it will also bring more money to the city of Buffalo. The new program can often bring a pricey cost to each ticket, as there will certainly be a fee for this simplified adjudication step, however it can delete any points on the driver records, and also not incur any higher rates in car insurance premiums each year as a result. There can be plea bargains, and also in evolving the whole way Buffalo will be doing traffic violations, this move will free up more time for the city court system to focus on other pending cases with more dyer needs than your average speeding ticket.