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Civic Drives Through Wet Concrete: Facing $10,000 Fine


Seems more like something that would happen during an action movie, but a teenager in Lincoln, Nebraska recently drove his car through freshly laid out concrete in a construction zone. Rather than waiting for his turn in traffic to get through this construction area, he decided to make a dash via an open space.

Turns out that open space was wet cement, waiting to dry.

MSN reported that the 19-year-old was driving a Honda Civic, as it turns out, the cement had been just laid about 30 minutes prior to the incident.

A City Engineer in Lincoln, Thomas Shafer, commented on what happened, stating that the teen would be held liable for the damages caused, not taxpayers to the city. An estimate for repairs was listed at approximately ten thousand dollars. The cost reflects removal of the Civic and the damaged concrete, as well as re-laying fresh cement to re-do the project. According to reports, removing the stuck vehicle from the drying concrete took over two hours to do. The traffic jam the driver was trying to get out of when he made the brilliant decision to move out of the one lane and head to the one he thought was open, increased significantly thanks to the stunt that was pulled.

There is a silver lining to the entire situation. While there was a ton of repairs need to the road, more work for the construction crew (as well as other city crews trying to remove the vehicle), and likely repairs needed to the Honda Civic, no other injuries occurred due to the mistake.

Thankfully, the only thing ‘hurt’ was potentially the driver’s pride.

Still, as Lincoln’s city engineer noted, this is a classic case of why it is vital for drivers to pay attention to cones and signs around construction zones. Had the teen driver done so, the entire situation could have been avoided.