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Company In Netherlands Electrifying Vintage Porsches

How perfect would it be if you could get a back-dated body of a Porsche, with added performance, but zero emissions? We are living in a great time period in the auto world, as Voitures Extravert, a Dutch firm, is touting the idea of taking vintage 911 Porsches and fully converting them into electric vehicles (EV). revealed that the firm began to roll out EV conversion in 2018, with a target of five to run with, and perhaps another dozen come 2019. Having said that, currently the company has announced its plans to increase the number of vehicle they want to convert to three monthly, totally 36 annually.

And Voitures Extravert is far more than an EV conversion firm; they also happen to be restoration experts that can also customize vehicles to truly any desired design.

While they have made it clear they won’t convert car models from the ‘60s, they will happily accept ‘70s and ‘80s vehicle, and even backdate them so that they look like older cars. Modern features can also be added to your car’s drivetrain in addition, to enhance safety.

The powering conversion comes in the form of an electric motor placed in the same areas as an original engine; however, the new running now hits 672 pound-feet of torque, placing the vehicle’s performance closer to that of a 1970s race car. There’s also an improvement in weight distribution, via batteries that are front mounted.

In addition, the range for these EV Porsches are too shabby either, with a 200-mile driving capability via a 58-kWh battery. Additionally, thanks to fast-charging, only 15 minutes can add 100 km onto your driving operation.

With that all said, it isn’t cheap converting your vintage 911 Porsche into an EV, with a price tag of about $338,000 (USD); however, can anyone truly place a money value on being eco-friendly, while sporting around a classic car that will make heads turn everywhere? We think not …


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