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Corvette Involved In Two Crashes, Seven Minutes Apart


Crazy auto news story coming out of New Hampshire, as per the police department in that area a white C7-generation Chevrolet Corvette had two separate car crashes within seven minutes of each other this past Saturday night.

The driver at the helm is a resident of New Boston in the state of New Hampshire. At 54 years old, Kevin Cullinane now has a charge of reckless operation, conduct, and operating a vehicle under the influence of narcotics. It is being reported that there may be more charges laid in the near future. On the evening of Saturday April 22nd, Cullinane was involved in two separate crashes within two differing towns.

The silver lining? No individual was injured seriously during both accidents. Which just may be the only “good news” to this story.

MSN reported the police of Goffstown, NH that they went to investigate a hit-and-run that took place in the town’s center, at about 7:15 p.m. on the 22nd. Witnesses at the scene of the crime stated that a Stingray Corvette Convertible left the scene on a road heading to Manchester.

Only seven minutes later at 7:22 p.m. the police in Manchester hit an accident crime scene east of the original one, about seven miles out, where a Corvette hit another car. As per witnesses, the vehicle was weaving in and out at high speeds through traffic when it eventually hit a car. The car hit thus resulted into the other auto being thrown into a telephone pole. Witnesses also state that the driver of the Corvette tried to flee that scene as well.

While this has no bearing on the two car crashes, something was noted in The Drive, and perhaps sheds some light on the driver of the Corvette. The Corvette that was involved in these two incidents donned a vanity plate with his last name shortened on it. Says a little about Cullinane, but not a lot.

Here’s hoping the driver is put to justice and learns from this outlandish incident when all is said and done.

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