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Daimler’s Electric Truck Shows Up Tesla


While everyone is talking about Tesla and their electric vehicles, it seems they’ve been one-upped by Daimler recently when it comes to electric truck announcements. The automaker from Germany took a huge opportunity at the Tokyo Motor Show as of late, by announcing the first heavy-duty electric truck they dub as the E-Fuso Vision One. The company has stated that the truck can run 217 miles per charge, upon hauling eleven tons.

E-Fuso is one element of a greater plan of Daimler’s Mitsubishi and Fuso Truck and Bus group to ensure all of its large vehicles are electrified in the future; which also offers a solution to hauling organizations within cities that are looking to place a ban when it comes to engines with internal combustion.

The Verge reported that the E-Fuso does have a battery to achieve the above range, equipped with up to 300 kWh capacity. While Daimler didn’t offer any more details around the vehicle’s charging abilities, it did tease within a press release that the trucks could target ‘mature markets’ (i.e. Europe and Japan) that might have the infrastructure ready for this type of auto in the near future.

Daimler’s press release might be vague; however, governments will start feeling the need to adhere to EV demands on infrastructure once these types of bans are pushed through; this includes producing commercial autos that accommodate to the type of standard being implemented. Fuso is currently pushing its light-duty truck, eCanter, in Japan and NYC – and its seems big brands like UPS and 7-Eleven are already on board to give these types of EVs a try in their fleets.

Still, what about Tesla? Their electric truck announcement was set back recently and won’t be released until November due to drastic Model 3 production issues. To boot, the company’s CEO Elon Musk is preoccupied with doing a lot of good, by helping Puerto Rico rebuild their electric grid following the area’s huge (and recent) natural disaster, Hurricane Maria. Apparently, Tesla was to announce 200-300 miles on the truck, still, other manufacturers are proving they can produce those results too.