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All-Electric Lineup In Jaguar’s Future

A recent report indicates that the auto brand Jaguar is considering an all-electric lineup for its near future, dropping its gas-powered models. The company has already said publicly that all new cars launched as of 2020 will provide a hybrid powertrain variety; however, selling battery-electric models solely, would be quite significant.

Car and Driver reported that auto enthusiasts are speculating the new I-Pace model that is an electric-only crossover, indicates a huge step in this overall plan to move the Jaguar lineup in this direction. As per the report, the next electric vehicle (EV) to come from Jaguar is an XJ redesigned luxury sedan, set to come down the pipe soon. Transforming the XJ into an EV could spark some interest in the model, and place Jaguar into the ever-growing EV luxury-sedan industry competition, against the upcoming Porsche Taycan release, and Tesla Model S.

Next on the horizon for Jag’s EV lineup dreams would be another electric crossover, a bit bigger than the I-Pace, and would replace the company’s XF and XE sedans after they hit the end of their selling cycle, slated at around 2023. A second-generation I-Pace would then be on tap, with the F-Pace and E-Pace crossovers to discontinue. Jaguar’s F-type sports vehicle would then be discontinued and replaced by an EV sports model. By the time 2026 hits, the brand’s lineup would almost be fully electric, except for the J-Pace crossover that could last the long haul as the only Jag gas-powered car that lives well past the 2020s.

This might sound dramatic; however, this strategy is years in the making, and Jaguar has already done considerable work around EV engineering for the I-Pace, with many elements (i.e. electric motors, battery packs, etc.) that could be used for other models. Additionally, establishing an all-EV lineup would give the brand a competitive edge on other luxury German automakers like Audi and Mercedes-Benz, both who are now just joining the EV concept with mass productions on models.

Jaguar trademarks registered by the company in early 2018 give a hint to what some future EV models might be named. C-Pace, X-type, and J-type are just some that are floating around and could be used for future EV Jag models.

Only time will tell.


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