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Elettrica, First-Ever Electric Vespa, Coming In October

Many have been waiting patiently for a long time to see the first-ever electric Vespa scooter hit the roads and the good news is, you won’t have to wait much longer. Dubbed Elettrica, the scooter will be hitting some markets, very soon.

In fact, CNET reported that Piaggio Group, Vespa’s parent company, released some information earlier this week, letting the public know that production on Elettrica will begin in this September. In fact, Europe will be getting a taste of the electric Vespa as early as October of this year.
Piaggio Group also stated that the scooter will be released into Asia and American markets starting earlier on in the new year.

While the price of the Elettrica has yet to be revealed, Piaggio Group stated the price tag will be alighted within the high-level bracket range of Vespas currently on the market.

Well, regardless of the price, the new, first-ever electrified scooter showcases a range of 62 miles, and takes approximately four hours to gain full charge within its lithium-ion battery. The Elettrica will also have the most cutting-edge technology, including the current Multimedia Platform many Vespa owners enjoy today. Drivers of the scooter will be able to connect to their mobile devices via Bluetooth, where they will access navigation services, trip states, within a digital dashboard. The Elettrica will also have the technological capacity to warn their riders if road conditions are not up to par.

Seems like the Elettrica is shaping up to be quite impressive. Not only is it electric, good for the environment, solid driving range and charging capabilities, it also will also some pretty neat multimedia features. The only downfall? The electric scooter is available in one finish, which is silver; however, clients will have the choice of seven different colors options when it comes to trim.


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