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Ex-Wife Snags 7 Vintage Porsche Registrations From Ex-Hubby


Divorces can get a little messy at times, and such has been the case when it comes to a couple in upstate New York. It’s been reported that an ex-wife, during the fallout of her divorce, thought it was a good idea to steal the registrations of seven different vintage Porsches that her ex-husband owned. Sadly, as per a report, the woman is now dealing with the legal repercussions on the matter.

In mid-December Joanne Campbell, 65 years of age, was written up with an arrest warrant by a judge. The warrant noted that Campbell had illegally taken seven classic Porsche registrations for 911s, 912s, and 914s (from the 1960s and 1970s) after the couple’s 2006 divorce. As per a New York Post article, the warrant also claimed Campbell was in contempt of court. The judge has ruled that Campbell needs to return all of the paperwork concerning the vehicles.

Thomas Campbell, aged 67, told the Post that his ex-wife is quite vindictive and he noted that she had escaped this punishment for too long.

It seems the Porsche registrations aren’t the only things that Joanne left with when their marriage ended. It’s also been reported that she also fled with a load of motorsport pictures owned by her ex, with two of them being photos of Thomas with legendary actor and racing fanatic, Paul Newman. These pictures have also yet to be returned.

MSN reported that during all of this, the ex-hubby has been required to pay a total of $7,000 to replace the Porsches’ registrations. As the cars are vintage, their VINs are hidden with the car, and Thomas was required to pay and have the cars taken apart – in order to find these numbers of identification. In addition to the return of the paperwork and photos, Campbell is asking his ex for payment on this work, as well legal fees that have accumulated to $8,000.

Thomas has stated the classic cars have been simply stored in a warehouse since his divorce, and will stay their until he receives this money from his former wife.