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Ferrari Museums Hits Visitor Record High In 2017


The Ferrari Museums in Italy are becoming more and more popular and the proof is in the numbers. The museums recently hit a record that has them celebrating: over 500,000 guests have visited both museums from January to November of this year. The above figure marks an 12% increase from 2016, which saw over 478,000 visitors from January to December. As such, the Ferrari Museums have official set a record high when it comes to guest attendance.

In fact, the annual growth of Modena’s Museo Enzo Ferrari specifically, hit yearly increase of 19%, which equals out to 150,000 guests. This number could have been affected by the extraordinary exhibition that was presented this year, entitled ‘Driving with the Stars’; a display where visitors could see the Ferrari driven by sporting, entertainment, and cultural stars worldwide.

Meanwhile, reported that Maranello’s Ferrari Museum is touting some success of its own, right now, marking an 8% increase from 2016; a raise equivalent to 350,000 people crossing through their doors this year. And it’s no surprise considering the special attraction Maranello presented during 2017. The museum hosted ‘Rosso Infinito’ (meaning Infinite Red), which can still be seen currently at the location. They also had a display known as ‘Under the Skin’ this year; however, it has since been moved to London’s Design Museum and will be there from now until mid-April 2018.

In addition to the increase in guests, single ticket sales for both Ferrari Museum locations have been stable and mark about a one-fifth of the totals.

These ground-breaking numbers continue to prove the popularity around the Ferrari Museums for both locals and travellers visiting the area. The museums offer a fun, informative, and interesting environment for enthusiasts and fans of Ferrari from all across the globe.