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Ferrari Owner Snags $12,000 Settlement Due To Pothole


As drivers, we all hate potholes. They can affect our vehicles in many and different ways and a man from England recently took an incident with a pothole all the way up to a town’s municipality and scored a huge victory when it comes to the ever-going saga of drivers versus those darn street potholes.

The said driver also happens to own a Ferrari, which suffered a large amount damage due to a pothole. Scott Nicholas owns a Ferrari 458 which hit a pothole one night in May last year, causing issues with the car’s interior, suspension, airbag, and wheel of the car. As per reports, the Ferrari needed work on it that cost over $11,200 in repairs.

As per Nicholas, the pothole was a big one that had potential to hit someone into the other traffic lane which could’ve caused a collision. He goes on to state that he was ‘lucky’ there were no other cars around heading towards his vehicle that night.

As it seems, Nicholas’ Ferrari was out of commission for three months, as he waited to source parts to repair the vehicle and have them installed. Nicholas added that his vehicle is a pride of joy for him and one that he doesn’t take out to drive regularly. And who would need to when you own the following stable of cars that Nicholas does. He has a McLaren, Porsche 911, and Range Rover at his disposal, in addition to his Ferrari.

MSN recently advised that Nicholas has further stated the compensation offered by the municipality will be placed towards an accident charity. Payment should be received in approximately two weeks. Nicholas added that the reason he escalated the incident was never about money, rather principle.

As per the municipality, the $12,000 payout marked the largest amount that has ever been given out by the town when it comes to pothole damages.