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Ford Announces More Recalls, Affecting Over 285,000 Vehicles


Ford recently announced four more (separate) recalls, affecting approximately 285,000 of their vehicles across North America. The recalls are said to be related to one injury, and about four accidents.

MSN reported that the first recall affects close to 202,000 2012 Ford Mustang, Expedition and Lincoln Navigator cars, as well as 2011/12 Ford F-150 vehicles that potentially have a problem with their output speed sensor. Depending the condition, the cars’ transmission may briefly push the downshift into first gear. In addition, the driver could feel a quick speed reduction, that would result in the rear tires either sliding, or locking up; depending on the speed the vehicle is travelling. Ford was made aware of three reported accidents concerning this issue.

The second recall affects over 81,000 Police Interceptor Utility vehicles, as well as the 2014/15 Ford Explorer model. The recall is due to the possibility that the right and left toe links within the rear suspension could break, due to inadequate welding quality. This could result in a loss or difficulty in steering control, suspension noise in the rear, and enhance the risk of an accident.

The third recall centers around tire damage of about 2,600 F-Series trucks.

The last recall centers around the Ford Taurus, Flex, and some Mercury Sable vehicles dating from 2007-2012. The recall affects close to 200 vehicles, and requires the driver-side airbag module to be changed. The reason? It concerns a chemical enhancer, as there may be a missing second-stage airbag deployment from the module. This would further enhance the risk of accident and/or injury.

Should one of your vehicles fall under this recall, call your local Ford dealer for more information on how the situation can be rectified.