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Ford Company Creates Easy to Use Car Rental App System


Ford has some tricks up their sleeves to hopefully gain the upper hand within the British car rental market for years to come. The company is embarking on a journey to battle against the Zipcar program with Ford’s new “GoDrive” system.

Like everything currently, this unique rental car will operate through an app system that so many smartphone users are greatly fond of. You login to the app, and have the ability to select one of the 50 vehicles on the lot and return your car to a number of different drop off locations. What’s additionally cool about this system is that Ford allows the app user to book into a parking spot for ease of use during those one way adventures.

The service allots for a pay by the minute purchase that provides the renter with fuel, insurance, and every other fee required by the other rental companies. When they first decided to start this type of program, they had roughly 100 users. Ford expects their easy-to-use system to grow quickly, with a projected member total to reach 2,000 soon, and by the industry statistics, they may even be estimating that on the low side. The car rental business is supposed to climb to $6 billion in the next 5 years as reported by

Specifically to this particular Ford project, the UK market is projected to increase by roughly 20% this year just since 2013. With all the success of car sharing apps and companies popping up all over the world, car rentals have taken that burden; but obviously with the aforementioned growth, not by much. This interesting method of car rentals also gives the Ford Company the opportunity to showcase their newest electric car models. They have reported that 50% of the car rental program will feature zero-emission electric Ford Focuses.

Certainly sounds as if they have figured out all of the bells and whistles to make renters content. Keeping up with the London market alone is aggressive, but this system is sure to expand and gain fans on a global demographic.