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Ford Launches Production Of European EcoSport


Good news for Ford and Europe: the company has begun production of the European EcoSport within a facility in Craiova, Romania. The vehicle will be a small crossover SUV.

So, why Europe? The choice to move forward with the production of the vehicle in Romania, versus another one of Ford’s assembly plans in Chennai, India, was to assist the company with the increased consumer demand in this market.
In fact, reported that SUV sales in the company’s 20 usual European markets enhanced by 27% in 2016 and marked over one in four new registrations for passenger cars.

For those who are curious, the facility in Craiova is the only plant that will be handling the European EcoSport production, this excludes Russia, and will be responsible for supplying 56 markets within four continents. These markets are diverse, and they include: United Kingdom, Turkmenistan (in Central Asia), New Caledonia (in Oceania), as well as South Africa.

As a new compact SUV, the EcoSport will be introduced in the North American market next year and the quirky, small, yet fun compact truck is sure to be a huge hit within the European market with many drivers choosing to live large in an SUV, without necessarily going too big.

The EcoSport will have a 2.0 litre engine, as well as a Ford intelligent 4WD system. The inside of the car is packed with hooks, bins, and thirty storage pockets to effectively use every inch of space within. As with many SUVs, the back seat can fold to offer more storage for those bigger trips that require larger items to be packed in. It will also be brimmed with technology, as the EcoSport will have Ford’s entertainment and communication system added, referred to as SYNC 3. This feature will offer better voice recognition when it comes to driver commands and response.