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General Motors Has Successful Transition Into Its Maven Rental Service


GM is no stranger to success, as the company is a reputable, household name all over the world as a car manufacturer that millions of people trust. They have recently dove head first into the rental business creating a brand called Maven, that allows renters to obtain vehicles for various tasks. Need to deliver food for the day? No problem. Have to rent a car to get a swings home? On it. Maven is making a name for themselves as a company that helps those who don’t own their own cars, or don’t have on big enough to do certain jobs. By this time in 2018, they expect to have a fleet of over 400 vehicles available to rent. Their focus is on the generation that works gigs for a living as freelancers. Young adults that drive for Uber or Lyft for example, can earn a living by renting through Maven with ease, and a lot less paperwork.

ABC News recently revealed that Maven is already thriving in many cities, such as Boston, los Angeles, and Washington D. C. The company began just a mere year ago, and already has rented out thousands of cars and trucks, even electric cars for the fuel savvy renter. Adding to their newest city of booming rental markets, is Baltimore. ABC News revealed that this area has been well researched for its growing number of freelance workers that have careers in delivery services, or those starting a new transporting business on the side. The millennial demographic for example, has been targeted specifically for this type of rental program, as many of them want the freedom that a career in driving can provide, but not the attachment of financing a newer car or truck.

Check out the Maven site here, for local listings and rentals in your area!